Even as a dog, I will deliver mail.

Dec 17

Things seemed to have calmed down, significantly so. You would be more worried about the silence if you weren’t so tired.

sighlighting said: Meow, sorry for delivering mail without your permission ':3 So, how's Serenity doing?

Well but worried.

Dec 14

Anonymous said: ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

Thank you!

Anonymous said: (ノ ○슖○)ノ ⌢ ┴──┴

Oh, okay I think that’s unnecessary! Please put that down…

Anonymous said: come on just make out with him already


Anonymous said: Yeah, disguise it as a romantic gift, he eats it, he dies, then sweet green sun rave party!

Now…where exactly do I get this chocolate?

Anonymous said: How do you feel about the stereotype that dogs bark at and chase postal workers aggressively?

I never did understand it before, but now it makes all too much sense!

Anonymous said: Give him chocolate.

What is that? Poison?

sighlighting said: PM you are a lovely, white, canine angel. -Jack Noir ((he wanted me to deliver this piece of mail to you~)

Back off, Jack!

What’s a cat doing delivering mail? That’s my job. 

sighlighting said: though I am a cat, please read my advice. take a chance on jack, it wouldn't kill ya. even if he did lay a finger on you (which iI doubt he'd do without your consent), you're both evenly matched, no?


Why would I ever even CONSIDER taking a chance on him? Why should I trust him?